Aug. 2017 – Erhvervsinvest acquires Bogballe

Erhvervsinvest acquires a majority stake in Bogballe, a leading manufacturer of mounted mineral fertilizer spreaders.

Bogballe was founded in 1934 and has since the 1950’s been manufacturing mounted mineral fertilizers and is today leading within its niche.

The company is located in Bøgballe between Vejle and Horsens and employs 60 people.

“The strategy has for many years been to make the world’s best fertilizer spreaders. I can only thank the strong team of dedicated employees for the fact that we at the same time have been able to realise stabile results. I am happy to be part of a healthy and exciting company, where an attractive portfolio of products, modern facilities and a fantastic employee spirit, also in the future will create attractive results.
I look forward to a new and exciting chapter in Bogballe’s history together with Erhvervsinvest” says Nils Jørn Laursen, CEO in Bogballe, who will continue in his current role and with an increased ownership share.

Bogballe runs a highly efficient and high-tech production, and the company’s products are sold through distributors to farmers all over the world.

”Bogballe has been very successful in developing and manufacturing advanced mounted fertilizer spreaders which are sold all over the world. Management is highly capable and has developed a solid company with high earnings and a strong platform for further growth. We look forward to develop the company further together with its management and employees” says Managing Partner at Erhvervsinvest, Thomas Marstrand.

”On behalf of the family and the company, I am happy that we have found a new owner that can contribute to develop Bogballe further from its current level. I look forward to be following the company from the sidelines in the future” says Gert Kristiansen, former chairman of the board in Bogballe.

Erhvervsinvest invests in small and medium-sized Danish companies. The investment in Bogballe is the first in Erhvervsinvest IV.

The investors in Erhvervsinvest are amongst others: Nykredit, Argentum, AP Pension, Danica Pension, Spar Nord Bank, Sparekassen Kronjylland, Fagbevægelsens Erhvervsinvestering, and CW Obel.

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For further information, please contact:

Thomas Marstrand, Managing Partner of Erhvervsinvest, phone: +45 21 65 93 26

Nils Jørn Laursen, CEO of Bogballe, phone: +45 20 99 32 66

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