Erhvervsinvest I

Vintage: 2004
Size: EUR 37m

Vikima SeedManufacturer of vegetable seeds in DenmarkAug 2004Apr 2009
EllegaardManufacturing of substrate pot machines and substrate pots, paper and trays to the horticultural industryMay 2005Mar 2013
RoshieldManufacturer of innovative and customized lightweight ballistic protectionJul 2005Aug 2008
KrøgerManufacturer of high quality caulking guns to the professional segmentNov 2005Feb 2013
Elite GamingOperator of slot machines in DenmarkMar 2006Dec 2012
Aalborg Træindustri af 1992Manufacturer of customized table topsFeb 2007Jun 2011
Haslev MøbelsnedkeriManufacturer of high quality solid wood furnitureJun 2007Feb 2013
Hurup MøbefabrikManufacturer and sale of upholstered furniture through own retail storesAug 2007Dec 2011


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