Erhvervsinvest III

Vintage: 2013
Size: EUR 117m

Scanbur Produce, develope and distribute equipment and consumables to research units in universitiesJan 2014Mar 2020
Gertsen & Olufsen Manufacture of vibration compensators and water threatment plants for maritime and offshore industryApr 2014Sep 2021
AmayseManufacturer of 3D signage for sporting eventsJan 2015Mar 2019
PCH EngineeringDeveloping, manufacturing and selling vibration monitors for rotating machinery including wind turbinesMar 2015May 2021
Samsø SyltefabrikSupplier of preserves and condiments to industry, catering and retail customersAug 2015
European Freeze DrySupplier of freeze-dried products and servicesAug 2015
FletcoProducer of carpets and carpet tiles Mar 2016
GamingDevelops and manufactures slot machines and online casino providerJun 2016
AgrometerManufacturer of machines and equipment for handling and transporting liquids with special emphasis on slurry used in agricultureAug 2016
Randers RebManufactures high quality steel wire- and fiber rope to attractive niches, including fishing, playground, furniture, and industryAug 2017

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