Erhvervsinvest IV

Vintage: 2017
Size: EUR 196m

BogballeManufacturer of mounted centrifugal mineral fertilizer spreadersAug 2017
GASA GroupDistributor of pot- and bedding plantsDec 2017
Robco EngineeringSale and production of twisting machines, twisters and windersMar 2018
DYKONProduction of high quality down and feather duvets and pillowsApr 2018
ArminoxStainless reinforcement steel and stainless wall- and tile tiesDec 2018
Container CentralenPooling/rental business of returnable transport items for plants and flowersFeb 2019Jan 2021
Container Centralen Inc.Provider of pooling system of returnable transport items to the horticulture industry in North AmericaJan 2021
CC European RetailPooling/rental company, mainly focused on returnable transport items for the retail sector Jan 2021May 2022
Delika Food GroupManufacturer of meat products within e.g., cold cuts, sausages, and smoked products as well as a supplier of other food products Dec 2021

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