Jan. 2015 – Erhvervsinvest acquires LogoPaint in partnership with the management

LogoPaint is the global leading supplier of 3D CamCarpets (3D signage) for sporting events including the domestic league and all matches in the German Bundesliga.

The company, which is located in Vejle, was founded in 1998. Kurt Henning, CEO and Christian Søndergaard, COO will continue as daily managers and fellow shareholders of LogoPaint.

3D CamCarpets include carpets, stickers and paint on grass with the logo appearing in 3D when displayed on the TV. This allows advertising positions inside and outside the sport field where it is impossible to place LED and other vertical positioned banners and signs. These positions are of great value for sponsors as well as sports clubs.

LogoPaint is globally recognized for its very high quality and service which is crucial to avoid faults and delayed delivery for TV transmitted events.

Kurt Henning, who is looking forward to the partnership with Erhvervsinvest, says:

“We look forward continuing the development of LogoPaint and we will keep focusing on the great opportunities in the market. We have more product launches coming up and we are going to invest further in the North American market. Erhvevsinvest is an owner with access to both capital and skills who can help us to take advantage of new opportunities together with the management and the employees”.

Director and Managing Partner of Erhvervsinvest, Thomas Marstrand, says:

“LogoPaint is a good and well-run company and a strong market leader for its niche. The company faces several very interesting opportunities both in relation to product development and the market. Further acquisitions can also be relevant and we look forward contributing and accelerating the company’s development based on the strong foundation which has skillfully been established by LogoPaint’s management and the employees”

LogoPaint expects an increase in activities as well as an increase in revenue for the financial year 2014/15.

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For further information please contact:

Kurt Henning, CEO, LogoPaint
Phone: +45 76 40 13 00

Thomas Marstrand, Managing Partner and Director, Business Invest
Phone: +45 70 20 32 95 or +45 21 65 93 26


About LogoPaint – see more on www.logopaint.com
About Erhvervsinvest – see more on www.erhvervsinvest.dk