Mar. 2015 – Erhvervsinvest acquires PCH Engineering A/S in partnership with management

Erhvervsinvest acquires PCH Engineering A/S in partnership with management

PCH Engineering A/S (PCH) is dedicated to development, production and sale of permanent vibration monitors to rotary machines.

The company is headquartered in Hørsholm and was founded in 1989 by Carsten Holm, who worked for Brüel & Kjær up to then. In 1999 Leif Schaap became co-owner, director and responsible for sales. Carsten Holm and Leif Schaap continue as shareholders and the latter also continue as CEO.

Since inception PCH has been dedicated to vibrations monitoring and analysis of rotary machines. Due to this the company and its employees now possess significant competencies within the field of vibration monitoring and were for example the first to launch a digital vibration monitor.

PCH products are recognized as been of very high quality and with a high safety level as well as functionality. The Company has some of the largest OEMs in the wind turbine and machine industry. More than 80% of revenue is exported.

Leif Schaap, who is looking forward to the partnership with Erhvervsinvest, says:

”I’m looking forward to continue the development of PCH. We expect to invest further in development of both product range and new markets segments. We have an interesting product launch in relation to the wind turbine industry coming up, but we also want to invest further on selected markets within the machine industry. In the past the machine industry hasn’t got the attention it deserves, hence we haven’t realized its full potential. Erhvervsinvest is an owner who has access to both capital and competence needed to realize the many opportunities together with management and employees.“

Director and Managing Partner of Erhvervsinvest, Thomas Marstrand, says:

“PCH is a good and well-run company and a strong market leader for its niche. The company faces several very interesting opportunities both in relation to product development and the market. Further acquisitions can also be relevant and we look forward contributing and accelerating the company’s development based on the strong foundation which has skillfully been established by PCH´s management and the employees”

PCH expects an increase in activities as well as an increase in profitability for the financial year 2015.

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For further information please contact:

Leif Schaap, CEO, PCH Engineering
Phone: +45 22 12 21 90

Thomas Marstrand, Managing Partner and Director, Erhvervsinvest
Phone: +45 70 20 32 95 or +45 21 65 93 26

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