Feb. 2018 – Erhvervsinvest acquires DYKON

Erhvervsinvest acquires a majority stake in DYKON, the leading Danish producer of duvets and pillows

DYKON has produced duvet and pillows since 1947. DYKON is a modern, innovative and solid company focused on high quality down and feather duvets and pillows produced on DYKONS factory in Denmark.

The company is located in Lunderskov and employs 90 people in peak season.

The past couple of years DYKON has experienced a positive development, due to increased focus on automation and efficiency in the production and an increased sale of branded products.

With its 6 brands: Ringsted Dun, Danica, Flora Danica, Sirius, Engmo Dun and Bergen Dun, DYKON meets most customer needs and is an attractive partner for retailers.

“Over the past 10 years, DYKON has been in a positive development, which has led to significant improvements in both revenues and earnings. The progress is due to a strong and committed team of employees who have helped to streamline production through increased automation. At the same time, DYKON’s own brands has been developed in terms of quality and sustainability. With Erhvervsinvest we believe that we can continue the positive development that will continue to create Danish jobs. I look forward to the future cooperation with Erhvervsinvest, which we consider to be the ideal future owner, “says Peter Bøgh Petersen, CEO of DYKON.

In 2017, Dykon, in collaboration with DTU, has opened a “SleepLab” where it is possible to research for better sleep, by simulating sleep in all the world’s climates and their influence on the right duvet.

Both Peter Bøgh Petersen and Camilla Birkegaard, the latter in charge of HR in DYKON, continues in their current positions and as shareholders in DYKON.

“DYKON is a good and well-run company, with efficient production and a broad portfolio of high quality brands and products. The company is well positioned in the Nordic region and we see great potential for further growth internationally, and a potential for developing DYKON through further automation and development of SleepLab. We are looking forward to working with Peter Bøgh Petersen, Camilla Birkegaard and the dedicated employees and contributing to the company’s continued development, “says Managing Partner Thomas Marstrand.

“I am pleased to have helped with finding a new partner for Peter and Camilla, and I am also very satisfied that DYKON continues with a Danish owner which I believe will help to ensure DYKON’s further development, “says Knud Beer, former chairman of DYKON.

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For further information, please contact:

Thomas Marstrand, Managing Partner of Erhvervsinvest, phone: +45 70 20 32 95 or +45 21 65 93 26

Peter Bøgh Petersen, CEO of DYKON, phone: +76 84 03 41 or +45 31 66 41 23

About DYKON, www.dykon.dk
About Erhvervsinvest, www.erhvervsinvest.dk