BogballeManufacturer of mounted centrifugal mineral fertilizer spreadersAug 2017
GASA Group . Distributor of pot- and bedding plants .. Dec 2017
Robco Engineering . Sale and production of twisting machines, twisters and winders .. Mar 2018
DYKON . Production of high quality down and feather duvets and pillows .. Apr 2018
Arminox . Stainless reinforcement steel and stainless wall- and tile ties .. Dec 2018
Container Centralen . Pooling/rental business of returnable transport items for plants and flowers. Feb 2019Jan 2021Industrial
Container Centralen Inc. . Provider of pooling system of returnable transport items to the horticulture industry in North America.. Jan 2021
CC European Retail . Pooling/rental company, mainly focused on returnable transport items for the retail sector .. Jan 2021May 2022Industrial
Delika Food Group . Manufacturer of meat products within e.g., cold cuts, sausages, and smoked products as well as a supplier of other food products .. Dec 2021


Scanbur      Manufactures, develops, and distributes equipment and consumables to research units at universitiesDec 2013Jun 2020Financial
Gertsen & Olufsen  Manufacturer of vibration compensators and water treatment plants for maritime and offshore
Apr 2014Sep 2021Financial
Amayse  Manufacturer of 3D signage for sporting eventsJan 2015Mar 2019Bankruptcy
PCH Engineering  Developing, manufacturing, and selling vibration monitors for rotating machinery including wind turbinesMar 2015May 2021Industrial
Samsø Syltefabrik  Supplier of preserves and condiments to industry, catering, and retail customersAug 2015
European Freeze Dry  Supplier of freeze-dried products and servicesAug 2015
Fletco Manufacturer of carpets and carpet tiles Mar 2016
Gaming  Develops and manufactures slot machines and provides online casinoJun 2016
Agrometer Manufacturer of machines and equipment for handling and transporting liquids with special emphasis on slurry used in agricultureAug 2016
Randers Reb Manufactures high quality steel wire- and fiber rope to attractive niches, including fishing, playground, furniture, and industryJun 2017


HandlerManufacturer of storage systems for warehousesDec 2007Mar 2011Industrial
RiegensManufacturer of energy efficient
and innovative lighting
Jan 2008Sep 2015Industrial
MejerigaardenManufacturer of ice cream products “Premier Is” and “Polar Is”Apr 2008Oct 2015Industrial
EpokeManufacturer of salt spreaders and winter maintenance equipmentAug 2010
TresuManufacturer of high quality flexo inline printing machines and ancillaries for all purposeSep 2010May 2017Financial
DamolinManufacturer and supplier of powder and granulate products based on mineral and organic raw materialsDec 2010Jan 2017Industrial
Design Eyewear Group InternationalDesigns, develops, and sells eyewear under its own brandAug 2012


Vikima SeedManufacturer of vegetable seeds in DenmarkAug 2004Apr 2009Industrial
EllegaardManufacturing of substrate pot machines and substrate pots, paper, and trays to the horticultural
May 2005Mar 2013Financial
RoshieldManufacturer of innovative and customised lightweight ballistic protection for vehicles, vessels, aircrafts,
helicopters, and personnel
Jul 2005Aug 2008Industrial
KrøgerManufacturer of high quality caulking guns to the professional segment       Nov 2005Feb 2013Industrial
Elite GamingOperator of slot machines in DenmarkMar 2006Dec 2012Industrial
Aalborg Træindustri
af 1992
Manufacturer of customised table topsFeb 2007Jun 2011Industrial
Haslev MøbelsnedkeriManufacturer of high quality solid wood furnitureJun 2007Feb 2013MBO
Hurup MøbelfabrikManufacturer and sale of upholstered furniture through own retail storesAug 2007Dec 2011Bankruptcy