Randers Reb

Randers Reb is a leading and dynamic niche rope manufacturer with the added advantage of more than 175 years of experience. This means that Randers Reb has an exhaustive understanding of all aspects of rope making. Randers Reb is a leading manufacturer of high-quality steel wire- and fiber rope for attractive niches including: Fishing, Playground, Furniture, and Industry.

Board of Directors:
Jens Birgersson (Chairman), Thomas Marstrand (Vice chair), Kristian la Cour

ActivityManufactures high quality steel wire- and fiber rope to attractive niches, including fishing, playground, furniture and industry
EBITDA 2019EUR 4.7 million
Annual ReportRanders Reb International A/S
CEODan Lauritzen
COOSilva Katutyte