Sep. 2020 – Erhvervsinvest changes management structure – becomes fully partner-driven

Erhvervsinvest changes management structure – becomes fully partner-driven

With an unchanged investment strategy, Erhvervsinvest has invested in small and medium-sized Danish companies since 2004 and has raised 4 funds totalling more than DKK 3.4 billion. During the 16 years, investments have been made in more than 50 Danish companies

Erhvervsinvest’s latest fund (Erhvervsinvest IV) is close to being fully invested and in continuation of this the fundraising is planned for Erhvervsinvest V. At the same time, it has been decided to establish a market-conform decision-making structure – so investment decisions are made by the Partners of Erhvervsinvest Management only. In this connection, the current Board of Directors of Erhvervsinvest Management resigns.

The resigning members of the Board of Directors of Erhvervsinvest Management are Henning Kruse Petersen (Chairman of the Board of Directors), Bjørn Høi Jensen (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors), Finn Viggo Nielsen and Anders Obel. The new members of the Board of Directors are Kristan la Cour, Henrik Danmark and Jørgen Jensen, who are all Erhvervsinvest Partners today. Managing Partner of Erhvervsinvest, Thomas Marstrand, will continue as member of the Board of Directors.

Both Henning Kruse Petersen and Bjørn Høi Jensen have been involved in Erhvervsinvest since its establishment in February 2004 and they will continue to be affiliated with Erhvervsinvest II and III in relation to exits in these funds and as investors in the funds.

Henning Kruse Petersen says: “It has been interesting to be a part of the Erhvervsinvest journey the past 16 years, but now the time has come for us to step aside and for the partners to get a natural leadership role.

My partner colleagues and I have been pleased with the collaboration we have had with the Board of Directors during the years and believe that now is the right time to implement a market conform decision-making structure – which is 100% partner-driven. At the same time, I am pleased that both Kruse and Bjørn want to maintain a connection to Erhvervsinvest going forward,” says Managing Partner, Thomas Marstrand.

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For further information, please contact:

Henning Kruse Petersen, phone: +45 20 10 00 51

Thomas Marstrand, Managing Partner and CEO, Erhvervsinvest, phone: +45 70 20 32 95 or +45 21 65 93 26

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