Value creation

Erhvervsinvest’s overall strategy is to generate attractive returns for its investors by creating growth and sustainable long term operational improvements in its portfolio companies. The following elements constitute the cornerstones in Erhvervsinvests approach to value creation.


Alignment of interest
Erhvervsinvest’s investment model is based on ensuring that the management team, the board of directors in the portfolio companies and Erhvervsinvest share the same interests. It is, therefore, a requirement that the management team and board of directors recruited by Erhvervsinvest co-invest on the same terms as Erhvervsinvest.

Furthermore, a long-term incentive program which follows the value creation in the company is implemented and is often combined with a short term bonus program for the day-to-day management.


An industrial approach
Erhvervsinvest takes an industrial approach to the value creation in its portfolio companies and the strategies that are implemented are geared towards growth and operational improvements. A key element in this approach is Erhvervsinvest’s Industrial Network.