Maj 2022 – Erhvervsinvest sælger CC European Retail

HB RTS Arcus announces the acquisition of CC European Retail

HB RTS (“HB”) announces today that it has completed the acquisition of 100% of CC European Retail (“CCER”), a leading rental and pooling provider of returnable transport items (“RTIs”) in the European food supply chain, from the Danish private equity fund Erhvervsinvest (“Erhvervsinvest”).

The acquisition increases HB’s available fleet of assets to 9 million RTIs and significant expands the scope of the HB footprint and solutions for its client base. The combined business now has pan-European operations and offers a wide range of RTI rental, washing and logistics solutions, with core segments being reusable crates, pallets and rolling RTIs. Through this strategic step, HB will continue to find more efficient and cost-effective RTI solutions for its diverse customer base.

Commenting on the acquisition, Léon Rust, CEO of HB said: “We are very excited about this transaction. CCER is a market leader in providing reusable crates and rolling RTIs in the food and beverage supply chain. The companies both have their own strengths and are highly complementary. Together we can offer customers a more diversified and complete “one-stop shop” and truly unburden them when it comes to RTIs across Europe. CCER is an important add-on in the strategy of HB.”

André van Brummen, CEO of CCER said: “After a very exiting period, creating a stand-alone company, together with Erhvervsinvest, we now have a company which is ready for further international development. We are very happy with this opportunity that provides the possibility for faster growth and development of new products and operational services for our customers.”

Thomas Marstrand, Managing Partner at Erhvervsinvest said: ”We have very been pleased with the journey with CCER, and not least the collaboration with the management and competent employees during our ownership period. CCER has developed from being a business unit of Container Centralen A/S to be an independent company today, and we are confident that CCER will continue its positive development in the new ownership structure.

CCER, founded in 2020, following a split up from Container Centralen, provides rental solutions of RTIs in the European food and beverage supply chain. CCER is the market leader in providing rolling RTIs to a diverse customer base in the European food and beverage supply chain. The main RTIs handled by CCER are reusable CBL crates, rolling half and quarter pallets, and roll containers which serve as essential load carriers for products being transported from distribution centres to supermarkets across Europe. With an asset pool of 6 million RTI’s and a network of 12 strategically located depots across Europe, CCER provides a vital logistic infrastructure for its customers.

HB, founded in 2008, provides an integrated offering of RTI rental, washing and logistics services to a diverse and blue-chip customer base in the Dutch food and beverage supply chain, ensuring the safe and sustainable transport of consumable products from suppliers to consumers. The main RTIs handled by HB are plastic crates and pallets, which serve as essential load carriers for products being transported from production locations to distribution centres, foodservice outlets and supermarkets across the Netherlands. These reusable load carriers are critical assets within the circular economy, ensuring reliable and efficient transport, while minimising the use of single-use, one-way packaging in a variety of fast-moving supply chains. With an asset pool of 2.8 million RTIs and a network of 10 strategically located washing and logistics facilities across the country, HB provides vital RTI logistics infrastructure and an integrated one-stop shop solution for its customers.